AuroraTech Corporation (ATC) is the preferred full-service provider in the Philippines for System Integration and Network Design, Control System Upgrade, Automation and Electrical System Installation.

ATC is proud of its strong client focus, highly competent technical people and solid business partnerships. We are dynamic, responsive and attuned to the changing needs of the industry we operate in.

Our passion for excellence, innovation and quality, along with years of experience will assure our customers of the outstanding value they would benefit from when they choose to work with us.

Our Vision

AuroraTech Corporation strives to be the leading Industrial Solutions provider through innovation and modern technology with advanced software, superior engineering capabilities and world-class quality products.

Our Mission
  • Customers:

    We are committed to provide the best-value products and quality services that will ensure optimum benefit and profitability for our customers
  • Supply Partners:

    Together with our suppliers, we find and develop the best value-products and services, technologically superior, best-in-class and quality-certified products to support our customers
  • Employees:

    We inspire and develop our employees to maximize their potential and improve their quality of life; provide a safe and healthy work environment that supports creativity, enjoyable and profitable for all.
  • Stakeholders and Shareholders:

    We maximize long-term return for stakeholders while being mindful of the welfare of the local community and the sustainability of the environment in which we operate.

Our Values

To accomplish our mission and realize our vision, our values guide us.

ATC Values

Environment, Health, and Safety Policy
  •   AuroraTech Corporation is committed to a SAFE and HEALTHY working environment for all its employees.
  •   We fulfill legal and compliance obligations to our clients, stakeholders, our local community and the government.
  •   We are mindful of the welfare of the local community and the sustainability of the environment in which we operate.
  •   We are committed to a systematic assessment and reduction of EHS risks and continuous improvement of our processes and procedures.
  •   Our commitment is fully supported by the management team and all our employees.
  •   We empower our employees with consultation and participation in goal-setting and performance monitoring of our EHS objectives.


Quality is integral to all our working practices. We believe that it is critical to the success of our business. The key elements of our approach to Quality are based on the following Quality Principles:

  • Customer-focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of People
  • Process approach
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Relationship management

AuroraTech Corporation strives to be the leading Industrial Solution provider through innovation and modem technology with advanced software, superior engineering capabilities and world-class quality products.

AuroraTech Corporation is committed to providing end-to-end automation solutions that satisfy our customers' needs and expectations in safety, quality, reliability, cost-competitive, technologically-advanced and in a timely manner while complying with all relevant requirements, legislation, and standards. We are committed to continuous improvement, constantly improving how we deliver products and services to our customers with a clear understanding of their requirements and application of consistent methodology and disciplined processes.

The Management Team and all members of the organization are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and the customer experience through training of our employees, continued collection of customer feedback, auditing of our performance, setting and reviewing our Quality Objectives regularly so we can deliver customer satisfaction on a sustainable basis.

This can only be achieved through the support of our employees and their compliance at all times with our processes and procedures.


Combating COVID-19 is a collective effort that all of us, and not just medical professionals, have a responsibility for. We wish everyone health and safety and believe that we will be able to overcome this obstacle together. While fear and uncertainty are understandable sentiments, We encourage everyone to confront this situation with calmness and reason and, more importantly, care for and support each other and extend compassion to those who’re in need.


As employees commute from different neighbourhoods and spend a great amount of time with each other at work, we as a company have taken measures perform thorough routine disinfection everyday before and after work hours. However, employees should also partake in this effort and are encouraged to consider the following measures to do their part in staying healthy and containing the spread of illnesses.

    When meeting and speaking, keep at least 2 meters between each other. Avoid common physical contact such as handshakes. If there’s a need to cough and sneeze, leave the room if possible and cover mouth with elbow, then wash hands thoroughly before returning to the room.
    Regularly wash hands for at least 20 seconds with hot water and plenty of soap. Also be sure to clean your wrists and lower arm areas if exposed. Do not touch eyes or nose without washing hands first. Wash around and under nostril area with hot water and soap as well.
    Resort to conference calls and remote meeting sessions whenever possible. Avoid gatherings during breaks or in the kitchen during lunch hours. Stay put in your departmental area as much as possible and avoid movements between teams, departments, or floors unless when necessary.
    Maintain an organized and hygienic set up in your personal cubicle or office. Declutter and dispose any unneeded files, tools, and belongings to decrease available surface for virus to inhabit. Wipe down desk, chair, and equipment with provided alcohol wipes throughout the day.
    Please make good use of company resources provided to combat this situation, such as hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, and soap around the office. But be mindful of others’ need as well and only use what is needed due to the unpredictability of resource availability.
    Report to HR should you sense that a co-worker might be ill or if you feel unwell yourself. Please avoid doing so in person and instead report via email to mitigate physical contact. nyone who feels ill should immediately seek medical assistance and be isolated until clearance